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Friday, April 25, 2014
at the Hyperion Tavern
1941 Hyperion Avenue, LA CA 90027
Free. Cash bar.
Doors at 7:30. Presentation at 9:00.

Laughing Furry Bicycle
with Jason Evans

In which the art-fashion-music-mashing Welsh photographer offers exercises
he's designed for loosening up and visualizing creative processes.

Whether working in the classroom or the studio, online or on paper, in the street or in the gallery, Jason Evans brings contrary, inquisitive energy to the making and sharing of visual culture. More than a tool for capturing imagery, his camera is a catalyst for experience and chance.

In this presentation for Stupid Pills, Evans invites you to think about what photography can do, where ideas come from, and how we can communicate without language. With a playful manner and mind, Evans' thoughts and working methods posit a vital counterpoint to the dry academia that follows photography around sucking the life out of its party. There will be cake. Sound transportation by MC Hymnal.

Jason's work will be on view at the Printed Matter booth at Paris Photo LA, April 25 - 27.

all images by Jason Evans